Thursday, July 25, 2013

BPC Excavation Day 2

Wooooo here it is! That amazing mid-cleanse feeling of AWESOME, ALIVE & ENERGETIC. If there is any reason to's this day 2 feeling. Who knew juice could make you feel this good?

One of my favorite parts of cleansing is getting incredible sleep. Your body hasn't seen caffeine in oh about 4 days so it's able to wake itself up and wind itself down appropriately. Now, I am a coffee addict. At one point this past winter I was taking in about 3 cups a day. Besides the fact that I had the mono, I just love coffee and I needed to be up late doing school work--coffee is my crack people. I was sad though that at 6 am I couldn't refuse the urge to use the restroom so I caved and got up...but man I fell right back asleep and got a solid 45 more minutes worth of rest.

This time around I upped the cleanse level so that means no Pineapple Apple Mint (PAM) Juice. What it also means is that I have 3 green juices in a row before I get to taste something new and different. However, I could not be more happy that it is the one and only Spicy Lemonade. Boy oh boy do I love me some Spicy Lemonade.
Spicy Lemonade and I take on 4pm meeting
I love this stuff so much that I drink it while not cleansing as an afternoon pick-me-up. You're probably wondering how cayenne pepper and lemonade really work together, but that's just it, they really work together. Imagine the freshest lemonade with a little kick at the end of it, it's a nice surprise. At first it was a little too much for me to handle. To counter the kick I added some ice into the bottle to dilute it a tad, it really made a difference!
Green Juice #5 and I enjoying Sons of Anarchy after work
Green Juice #5 is one of the more exciting juices to drink...not because it tastes any different from the other green juices (hint:they're all the same) but because it's after the Spicy Lemonade and before the Cashew Milk. I love the anticipation of a nice Cashew Milk. I'll rave about that guy tomorrow.

For Day 2 I felt so good that I went to the my head I negotiated some weights and sauna but I felt well enough that I busted out some cardio on the treadmill too! 

Day 2 Stats: .8 lbs from Day 1; 2.4 lbs total



  1. Your healthy eating and working out is inspiring. All I need to do is get my own butt in gear.
    I nominated your wonderful little blog for the Liebster award, too.

    Amanda Rose

  2. I actually also nominated you for the Liebster award without noticing Amanda did too! Oops! At least you know you're doing something right :)