Wednesday, July 24, 2013

BPC Excavation Day 1

I'm realizing this is slowly turning into a healthy-type blog...I promise I will have a cupcake soon folks.

The first day is always tricky because you’re anxiously waiting for your juice to get delivered. To avoid everyone at work looking at me as the weirdo intern I had it delivered to the house and not to my office. BluePrint says it will be delivered around 10:30 am and something that I have learned in this cleansing process is that BluePrint is always right. I checked my FedEx app a million times out of pure excitement…& TA-DAA!
Around 11 am I took an early lunch because I had just been drinking water all morning, and I headed to go pick up my juice. I threw all my pretty juices in the refrigerator and grabbed 4 that I would need to make it through the work day and it was back to work I went.
Green Juice #1
Because I didn’t get to start at 8 am (which is ideal for my schedule) I worked HARD to get all the juice and water down in the right intervals. BP recommends keeping the juices at least an hour apart with a lot of water in between and being sure to have the last one at least 2 hours before you go to bed to make sure your digestive system has had a chance to get it all down—so yes, I ran the Juice Olympics. 

Friends/peers of mine are always skeptical about drinking juice all day and being hungry. I can’t say it enough but I get so full. You might think I am handing you a pile of poo but I swear I’m not lying. If anyone was going to get hungry while doing this thing, it would be me.

BPC goes to work: #2,3 & 4!
All in all it wasn’t an IDEAL first day. I say this because I was rushed in taking down all my juices and I wanted to slow down. But I will get that opportunity today! I’m down 1.6 pounds—about the same amount I lost last time I did the cleanse just after one day.

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  1. How much does it cost to do this?
    I'm afraid my budget doesn't support any extra things like this!
    We are starting a local blogger group if you'd like to join!

    Amanda Rose