Wednesday, August 7, 2013

BPC: Excavation Day 3

I know this post is a million days late but I hate not finishing something that I have started... so here I am!

My cleanse ended well, I am always so sad to see my last Cashew Milk go :( Cashew Milk is the reason for anyone to survive a cleanse. After all the green juice and some lemonade with a kick, you get this piece of heaven (or whatever kind of peaceful place you believe in).

I mean, how can something that is 300 calories not be amazing? Here you can see where you get the rest of the random nutrition your body needs. CM has your healthy fats, potassium, some carbs, dietary fibers and protein! has 21g of sugar but those are all natural sugars and on the cleanse, it's perfect.

I wish my cleanse ended better. All in all my 3 days were great but we went to Michigan the weekend after I finished and I didn't ease out of my cleanse at all. Not worried about it though because I had some AMAZING food all weekend.

Day 3 Stats:
-.4 lbs from day 2
-2.8 lbs total

I didn't have the same weight loss results as I had from the first time I cleansed, but that's ok, that's not why I cleanse! And you shouldn't either. I cleanse for a check in  mindset towards food. I think cleanses are great for that and of course to detox!

This weekend will be a busy one! About to move apartments over here which means I need to p-a-c-k. Yeah, that is an ugly word. Packing only means that summer is almost over and school is about to start!


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